What can you do with a tiny piece of diamond with a defect in it?

We are a young independent research group at MPI-FKF in Stuttgart, exploring magnetism at the single spin level using solid-state defect centers.

The ability to control single atomic and molecular spins not only offers the ultimate miniaturization of electronic devices, but also the realization of operational quantum bits (qubits). The research effort in my group is devoted to understand and control quantum mechanical properties of such smallest building blocks of matter, especially by probing them in the least invasive manner. As addressing the spin states in such quantum systems is an extremely challenging and delicate task, we use state-of-the-art highly sensitive NV-magnetometry techniques. 

In my group, currently we are preparing two low-temperature (4 K) experimental setups that will combine sample preparation and measurement capabilities in ultra-high vacuum, along with optical access to the cold measurement head involving laser excitations at different wavelengths.

Want to know more and excited to work with us? We are currently funded by Emmy Noether programme from the DFG and IQST young researcher programme. There are several opportunities in my group for research at masters, PhD and Postdoctoral level. See below and send your full application by email: a.singha@fkf.mpg.de

Current members

Postdoctoral researcher: Dr. Toni Hache, Dr. Ricardo Javier Peña Roman

PhD student: Dinesh Pinto

Research assistant: Atharva Paranjape, Anshu

Former members

Dr. Domenico Paone, Jeffrey Neethi Neethirajan, Peter Lendway, Luzie Günther